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HYDERABAD: Cubani ka meetha and Double ka meetha are on everyone’s list of mithais to eat in Hyderabad. Due to the rich Nawabi and Nizami heritage of the city, there are also a whole load of lesser-known, but yummy sweets that make up Hyderabadi cuisine. Almost every family will have a recipe for these ‘royal sweets’ and closely guards them. No marriages, festivals or other functions are complete without an array of these sweets.

To make these available to all those with a sweet tooth and for those, who love to go beyond the crowd favourites, is a new cloud-kitchen, Naqsh. Located in Masab Tank and started by Faraaz Siddiqui, 25, and his mother, Farhana Siddiqui, 49, they sell five varieties of mithais, recipes of which, they say, have been in their families for over 120 years. The sweets they are selling are, Jaali, Boat ka halwa, Ashrafi, Maske ke lauz, and Paan. 

“Except for Maske ke lauz which is made with almonds, the others can be made with either cashew nuts or almonds, based on a customers’ preference,” says Faraaz. Faraaz gives out one secret of the making process. He shares, “The mithais are made in silver moulds only.” He adds, “We make the mithai in the same moulds in which even my great-grand mother would make, they have been handed down the generations. Hence, our tagline is ‘The inherited mould’.” 

Faraaz claims that it was his ancestors who, when they