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With the hospitality industry hit hard by the pandemic, the industry is facing a nightmare. Even with the government applied unlocks, it is seen that the restaurant industry is still facing losses in sales and capital. With consumer demand for home-delivered meals booming, venturing into the cloud kitchen business struck three friends, Charul Sehra, Inderdeep Singh & Loveneet Singh – the smart thing to do, and thus they launched Outlet Buddy.

Outlet Buddy is just like your regular kitchen, the only difference is that it operates online making it much more convenient for their Merchants and other restaurant owners by giving them all, one single point of interaction to order food. Hence, Restaurants don’t need to shop from multiple vendors for Raw material and can simply order all their dishes from one window.

In the current industry scenario, one can’t call time of death on dine-in restaurant services, the fact remains that even two months after Unlock 1.0, the business has been slow and, if restaurants are to make up for the losses caused by the Corona Virus outbreak and secure a firmer footing for the future, – collaboration and coexisting(done effectively) seems like a convenient way forward. While Restaurants order from Outletbuddy for serving their customers, their much-adored meals, Outletbuddy also helps you in cutting your rental, HR, and capital cost by offering its Merchants Shared Cloud kitchens.

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